Adult Braces

Many people believe braces are for kids, but adults at almost any age can benefit from orthodontics treatment as well.  About 25% of braces are worn by adults.  Dental and jaw problems that develop in children are also be found in adults. Having misaligned teeth increases the risk for both periodontal disease (gum problems) and cavities. The misaligned teeth reduce chewing efficiency and can also cause digestive problems. There may be an age when the gold medal at the Olympics is out of reach but if you have crowded teeth that is causing discomfort while eating or if you want a better smile, give Dr. Doan a call to see if orthodontics treatment can help you achieve a better smile and outlook, even if you didn’t qualify for the Olympics.

Orthodontics treatment in adults is similar to that of teenagers, with some differences. Since adult teeth and jaw have had more time to “set in”, it generally takes longer to align them. Treatment lenght is therefore longer on average. More discomfort may be encountered during treatment but this can be well controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. For some cases that are more complex, jaw surgery may be recommended to allow all the teeth to be moved into their proper position. However, most adults choose only to have their teeth straightened to produce a healthy and beautiful smile without the need for any surgery. Give us a call for your free braces consultation: (281)257-4447 or schedule consultation online.